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Guidebooks and Reports for Practitioners

I enjoy writing for a broader audience. Below are some of the reports I have produced for sustainability practitioners:

Bansal, P., Good, J., & Sharma, G. (2016). Business challenges for sustainability: Inspiring new research and innovating new solutions. Retrieved from LC-Design-Challenges.pdf


DiVito, L.E.D., & Sharma, G. (2016). Collaborating with competitors to advance sustainability: A guide for managers. Retrieved from

DiVito, L.E.D., & Sharma, G. (2016). Assess your competitor collaboration to advance sustainability: An assessment tool. Retrieved from

Good, J., & Sharma, G. (2015). From challenges to opportunities: The 7 sustainability opportunities for Canadian businesses in 2015. Retrieved from

Translating Research Insights

To walk my talk, I have helped translate research insights from my own research and that of others:


Practitioner Summary of my paper "Partner for Good: How Business and NGOs Engage the Commercial-Social Paradox"

Insights from one of my current research collaborations:

Interview with Tim Hargrave on his paper "Integrating Dialectical and Paradox Perspectives on Managing Contradictions in Organizations”

See the Prezi I created:

Interview with Jean Bartunek on her work on academic-practitioner collaborations:

Sustainability story of an organization studied in one of the research grants where I provided inputs on collaborative research methodology:

Resources for Academics to Partner with Practitioners

I am passionate about sharing my learning about academic-practitioner collaborations with the academic community. I have provided inputs on research grants that focus on academic-practitioner knowledge co-creation. I continue to develop resources that can help researcher forge such collaborations:


Insights for navigating academic-practitioner differences

See the video I created:

You can see the full list of the resources I have created in collaboration with NBS here:

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