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Teaching Resources

On this page, I share some of the exercises I have incorporated in my classroom. I teach business strategy. I am a sustainability researchers. You may find the exercises below to integrate social/environmental issues discussion in strategy topics. Some of the exercises listed below can be used in a strategy class without the focus on social and environmental issues.

The Marshmallow Challenge
This is a useful exercise for first day of class to teach about teamwork in strategy. You can access slides with instructions here. I have put these together by collating various freely available resources.

Stack of Denim Pants
Stakeholders and Strategy
This is an exercise I have created to help students understand that strategic decision makers must consider salient stakeholders. It builds on research on stakeholder management. Students apply the idea to the denim industry. You can find the instructions here and the slides here.

Game Show Set
Jeopardy Exercise 
This is an exercise I use to review concepts in the last class. I divide student teams into groups. They answer Jeopardy questions and earn points. This exercise is a great way to end the semester on a high note. There are many free jeopardy templates available. I use this one for my class. You can easily edit it for your own class.

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